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Meet the Brands That Started Tweeting Way Back In 2009 | Digital - Advertising Age

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Check Out the First Tweets Ever Sent By Nike, ESPN, Xbox, Coke and More

A Critical Mass of Brands Took to Twitter In 2009


"The sole member of the list of brands with at least 500,000 followers to begin tweeting in 2007 (a year after Twitter was founded) was ESPN, which clearly hadn't mastered the art quite yet. Its first tweet was a link with a headline for a story about pitcher Kenny Rogers's surgery, which was cut off despite being well under the 140-character limit.

"The last member of the list to join Twitter was Nike, which published its first tweet in December 2011 but has still managed to amass almost 2.3 million followers in the meantime."

See the list here:

We've come a long way in just four years.

Still, I find automatically open pictures in my stream to be super-annoying, and I've stopped using the Twitter web client as a result of it.