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Into the Breach Once More for Cadillac [ELR Pricing]

Admittedly it doesn’t help that the new Cadillac ELR has been put in a frighteningly similar position to the Cadillac Allante, which was overhyped and overpriced and an ill-timed attempt by Cadillac to jump-start its cool, and the Corvette-based Cadillac XLR, which was also overhyped and overpriced and launched within the context of a Cadillac resurrection that hadn’t even gotten off of the ground yet.

Then there’s the price point for the ELR, which is a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t proposition for Cadillac. If the ELR were to be priced too low, it wouldn’t be perceived as being special enough, or worthy of an image-elevated Cadillac. But if the ELR is priced too high, then the naysayers in consumer-ville will either deem it as not being ready for prime time, a glorified Volt, or even worse, ignore it altogether. (I happen to think the ELR should have been priced right at $60,000, but Cadillac marketers have put their sword in the ground, and they will most assuredly fall on it if they can’t draw consumers in.)

Into the breach once more for Cadillac. - Rants - ~ the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high octane truth...

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I always thought it was cool that the left tail light read "Cadillac" and the right one "Allante".


Never noticed that detail — hilarious! :)

It's pretty easy to figure out in a couple different ways.  $$/horsepower, base price, monthly payment and lease residual.   But the hardest way is, any price Cadillac gives you, e.g. $60,000, they add $16,000 to it to pay off union liabilities and corporate debt.  So a $60,000 priced car will go for $76,000.  $76k for a 207 horsepower coupe is getting pretty pricey.  Given hybrids typically also have a $20k premium baked in over the equivalent car without an electric motor or part, the equivalent non-electric would be a $56k 3-series coupe with 40 more horsepower for about the same 35mpg's.  I'll take a good ATS-V over that anyday. 

What - no premium for mystique?

Check THIS out:

The Allanté is noted for an unusual production arrangement, where completed bodies — designed and manufactured in Italy by Pininfarina[1] were shipped 4,600 miles (7,400 km) from Italy in specially equipped Boeing 747s, 56 at a time,[1] to Cadillac's Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly plant where they were mated with domestically manufactured chassis and engine assemblies.[1]

Or production numbers?

Model Year Total Production

1987 3,363

1988 2,569

1989 3,296

1990 3,101

1991 2,500

1992 1,931

1993 4,670

TOTAL 21,430 

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