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Stewie: You give my life purpose, and maybe, maybe that's enough. Because that's just about the greatest gift one friend can give another.

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  • Stewie: Please, tell me why you have a gun!
  • Brian: I SAID i don't want talk about it.
  • Stewie: But i want to know. Tell me. Come on.
  • Brian: No
  • Stewie: Come on, Please!
  • Brian: [sighs] I keep it in case that i want to commit suicide, okay?
  • Stewie: Wow. Oh. Oh my God. You're... You're serious. But why Brian?
  • Brian: You wouldn't understand. You're just a kid.
  • Stewie: [getting closer to Brian] Well, i could try.
  • Brian: I don't know. Sometimes it's all... Too much.
  • Stewie: What is?
  • Brian: Life! Everything. Having a gun here, knowing there's a way out, it... it helps.
  • Stewie: Yes, but a gun... It's so messy! What about pills? Or even hanging yourself is better. At lest you can grow a 1cm or 2 while you're hanging there, of course when they find you would have thouse Illeana Douglas eyes.
  • Brian: Hmm
  • Stewie: So... Hum, Why the gun?
  • Brian: It just seem like the quickest way i guess.
  • Stewie: But i don't quite understand why you're so unhappy.
  • Brian: Yesterday, when you said that i don't live with purpose, you were right. I don't. What purpose does my life have!
  • Stewie: I don't like when you talk like this.
  • Brian: It's true, Stewie. Dogs are suppose to live with purpose without even thinking about it, just born like that... But i wasn't! You know, i try to find meaning in my life and i just... can't.
  • Stewie: So... is that why we came here? You gonna end it?
  • Brian: No, i was just putting money on my christmas account.
  • Stewie: God, i need to do one of those.
  • Brian: Well, you're the only person i ever told this to. You won't gonna say anything?
  • Stewie: I don't know what to say. Wanting to kill yourself, i... Well, i think that is pretty selfish of you!
  • Brian: How can this be selfish?
  • Stewie: What would i do if you weren't here? Hmm? You're the only one that makes my life bearable!
  • Brian: I thought you said i was the best of a bad situation.
  • Stewie: I was just trying to hurt you because you hurt me. But the truth is... You're my only friend Brian. If i didn't have you i would be lost!
  • Brian: Ah, you would be okay. [Says numb]
  • Stewie: No, i wouldn't. I don't really care about anybody else, just you. You're the only one i like.
  • Brian: Well... Thanks.
  • Stewie: I like you lot. I guess you could say I... really like you. I would... even dare to go a little further, perhaps. I... care a great deal about you. Very great deal. Maybe even... deeper than that. I... I... I love you. I mean, you know, not in like a, "Hey, let's, you know, let's have an underpants party," or whatever grownups do when they're in love, but I mean, I mean, I love you as one loves another person whom one simply cannot do without.
  • Brian: Well I... I love you, too, Stewie.
  • Stewie: You give my life purpose, and maybe, maybe that's enough. Because that's just about the greatest gift one friend can give another.

Said the Whale ?! Really?

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