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Corralitos Market: A day off in smoked sausage heaven - National Tailgating |

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“…the making of laws is like the making of sausages—the less you know about the process the more you respect the result." Whoever said this obviously never witnessed sausage making at the Corralitos Market. Sure, you’ve got the whole intestines/casings thing, but it’s nothing short of magic the way they put it all together at the market. Slightly over a ton of sausage is made every week at the market, with the “Cheesy Bavarian” being the top-seller. The Cheesy Bavarian is hand-made with the finest beef and pork combined with hand-cut Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese. Other favorites include Kobasica (Polish sausage), Cajun, Creole, Andouille and Chicken Santa Fe. For the more adventurous, the market also offers Buffalo, Ostrich and Venison sausage. All-in-all, over 20 different types of sausages are available at the market.

I still believe that if you want to enjoy sausage you should not watch it being made.

Nonetheless, bookmarking the address:

Corralitos Market and Sausage Company

569 Corralitos Road

Corralitos, California 95076

(831) 722-2633

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