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Key Peele Have TV's Funniest Show | Rolling Stone

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What did you think of each other when you first met?Jordan Peele: I remember watching Keegan onstage in Chicago and he was clearly a standout performer. Everybody in the theater had that sense of, "Okay, this guy is going to move on and do greater things."

Keegan-Micahel Key: My experience was almost identical. There is a subtle elegance to the way Jordan does just about everything, which is something I envy because that's not my bailiwick. It became an immediate mutual admiration society. We left the theater one night and went to a diner on Clark Street in Chicago and stayed up 'til, like, quarter to five in the morning, talking about Monty Python and Mr. Show and all these things that influenced us. The things that took place subsequent to that were serendipitous. We both ended up on Mad TV – the cosmos kind of pushed us together.

One of my favorite things you've done is the college football All-Star game, East versus West. It's a tour de force: all these characters flash by for a few seconds, and I'm thinking, "Half these guys could be leads on sitcoms!"

Peele: I love dipping into worlds at a fast and furious pace. A little glimpse allows the audience to put together the rest of that world in their brain. We love sketches that require the audience to piece together the comedic engine themselves. Give them all the information but not tell them what the scene is about so they can have that eureka moment of, "Oh my God, he's only used to the way urban students pronounce their names. That's what's going on here."

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