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Mark Ruffalo on Healthcare

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The Incredible Hulk said of Obamacare last week on Real Time with Bill Maher:

We don't blink an eye at the money that we have been spending on perpetual warfare.

We literally don't even, we don't sit here and go, "Who, trillions and trillions of dollars for warfare."

But when we're talking about healthcare, which is our people and their well-being, we're shocked that it should cost us some money.

I don't even know what Mitt Romney is talking about anymore.

He was for the individual mandate before he was against it.

He just wants to be President.

I think that the lack of authenticity suggests that Mitt Romney could be a sociopath.

Not sure I would go that far (perhaps?)...but there are a ton of questions around him and his answers for the questions he does answer are lame.

Essentially he's running on a platform of "I'm not Obama", not a platform of any comprehensive plan to do... anything.

I guess his plan is to change as little as possible.

I think the man being a sociopath as a child should indicate that he's a sociopath... certainly moreso than lack of authenticity.

I'm not sure I mentioned it on here, but I had a teacher who had a run in with young Mitt during the Michigan Constitutional Convention. The degree to which that man hated all things Romney was one of the most fun parts of his class.. lol

But also, my great great aunt was Keeper of the Great Seal during the period of George Romney's time as governor of Michigan and despite being somewhere around 100y/o actually spoke out publicly during the 2008 campaign (I can't find anything on google. that she'd given an interview was second hand from my mom) about the kind of terror young Mitt was.