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Ad Legend Jeff Goodby Wonders If We’re All Part of One Big Thinking Machine | Adweek

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Interconnected Soul:

Do you ever feel like all of our collective intelligences add up to one Big Human Brain designed to entertain us, move us, inform us and crack us up?

Yes! And I try to save as much of it as I can to PandaWhale!!

The problem with MORE EVERYTHING is that nothing keeps our attention for long.

The Big Human Brain digitally cranking out so much new stuff every second, and then distributing it, also digitally, at the speed of light. With all this crazy material flying at us, it’s only natural that we are going to have a lot of things we like, but each of them to a lesser degree, say, than I liked the Rolling Stones in 1973.

People used to have 5 or 10 friends. Now we have hundreds. Favorite bands? We used to have a handful. Now we have dozens. We used to be crazed Yankees or Mets or Red Sox fans. Now we follow dozens of sports on different continents. I even follow Aussie rules football.

As advertising people, this means the odds of us crafting a single campaign that lasts for years and years are getting slimmer and slimmer. The attention span of The Big Human Brain — both as maker and consumer of stuff — is too short.

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

I'm going back to plug into the Hive Mind some more, this topic is already boring me.

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