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From the NSA to OKCupid, 5 Algorithms That Rule Your World

From the NSA to OKCupid 5 Algorithms That Rule Your World


If the 1990s were dominated by the rise of the Internet and the 2000s social media behemoths, perhaps the ’10s are the decade of the algorithm. 

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"The Decade of the Algorithm"?! Um, no.

The Decade of Mobile Smartphones and Tablets, yes.

Algorithms are important but Mobile is WAY more important.

OK, I think the OKCupid one is just plain stupid.  I'd take it off the list and put Bayes Algorithm as the number 1.  Bayes spawned a whole generation of big data, AI, legal analysis, medical treatment and diagnosis, materials, weather prediction and anything else you can imagine you do with NP computing problems. 

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