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Can you steal an idea for a startup?

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I agree with you. And I still dig that cat in a hoodie. 

I am sure there are some you could steal. There are niches where one player could lock up exclusive access to existing content, the right to be "the official X" or whatever. Racing for that single strategic point could decide who gets to try.

For "ideas" of the form take existing business model, prepend hyper-local and call it innovative ... err no.

I think of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit:

So I agree that you cannot steal an idea for a startup, and wrote more about that here:

It can't help the people being sued in this particular case, that they've been sued before for cheating and fraud:

This reminds me of failed screenwriters or authors who say "that Famous Person stole my idea!"

There are plenty of ideas in the world. Execution is *everything*.

Execution is a funny word because it implies KILLING IT.

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