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The Rise of Twitter Bots

The Rise of Twitter Bots The New Yorker


Of greater interest—the signal to the spammers’ noise—is the growing population of creative bots that consume, remix, and contribute to the broader culture churn of the Internet. Many of them are remarkably productive: Adam Parrish’s everyword, for instance, has been chipping its way through the entire English language, tweeting one word at a time every thirty minutes since 2008. Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Pentametron scours Twitter every hour on the hour and retweets the first rhyming couplet that it can find. Darius Kazemi’sProfessor Jocular takes a popular tweet, assumes it’s a joke, then tries to explain why people thought it was funny; the Professor’s more than twenty-three hundred attempts frequentlyoutperform its source material.

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There's more signal on Twitter than you could consume in 100 lifetimes.

And more noise on Twitter than ever before.

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