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Colorado's 'Brosurance' Effort Goes Far on $5,000

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There's the Affordable Care Act. There's Obamacare. And then there's brosurance and hosurance.

The terms popped up this month as two Colorado nonprofits fired up a digital campaign called "Got Insurance?" to entice young people to sign up for health insurance. The ads, made in-house on a shoestring budget without an agency, feature actors who are friends and family of the nonprofits. Less than $5,000 was spent on the digital campaign. And its originators claim it's already gone viral.

The campaign obviously mirrors "Got Milk?" and features, among other things, frat boys, female best buddies, "hot to trot" couples emboldened by free birth control and a cardboard cutout of actor Ryan Gosling. "Brosurance" came from ProgressNow Colorado Education, which created the campaign along with Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. As of Nov. 12, #Brosurance, which rolled out in October, has popped up more than 6 million times on Twitter, while #GotInsurance has registered 1.7 million mentions, according to ProgressNow Colorado.

Not sure why they call it brosurance. That word seems unappealing.

Do bros like being called bros?

This campaign was aimed at young men (20's).

Do young men like being called bros?

The campaign looks successful!

"Hosurance," on the other hand, seems to have been generated by Twitter -- and picked up by critics -- when the most recent wave of ads, featuring women, was launched.

"I know that there has been some controversy around some of the ads, but I don't think anything you see in any of our ads is anything you wouldn't see during the Super Bowl," said Jen Caltrider, digital director of ProgressNow Colorado Education. "I think the controversy mostly pops up around the fact that this is associated with a very controversial healthcare law where there's a lot of misinformation."

She added that the nonprofits haven't heard anything from the White House or Democrats regarding the campaign.

And hosurance is what, exactly?

hosurance... isn't that what wingmen are for?


Hosurance is gyno/birth control.  Even bros know this.

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