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Katy Perry fashion trend 2013: Holes in clothes.

Lately Katy Perry has been all about strategic holes in her clothing.

Katy Perry boobs real holes in yellow dress Imgur

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Another example:

Katy Perry barely there hot ass blue dress shows skin stripper chic Katy Perky Imgur

katy perry hot ass blue dress heels holes MuchMusic video awards 6-20-2010 Imgur


Katy Perry hot ass selfie Imgur

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Katy Perry hot ass mouth open Imgur

Katy Perry hot legs short skirt miniskirt microskirt Imgur

Sometimes the holes are in her shoes.

Katy Perry - Imgur

needs bigger holes?

In her shoes?


Bless you.

Katy Perry sparkle boobs my eyes are here Imgur

Katy Perry - Imgur

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