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Coding Start-Up Raises $100 Million

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DUDE! WAT?!?!? "Little-known social coding start-up GitHub Inc. has raised $100 million in its first round of funding, in a sign of how big investment bets are continuing in Silicon Valley. The round also marks the biggest check written to date by venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which is leading GitHub's financing and putting in more than 99% of the money. The funding values four-year-old GitHub at $750 million, according to a person briefed about the deal."


Little known?!?

Yeah, really - It's way *not* little known if you're a coder! Strange word choice by the author:)

GitHub has 1.6 million users, 2.8 million repositories, and 55 employees, but it is little-known outside those circles.

They haven't even turned on any recruiting tools yet.

If LinkedIn is worth $11 billion what might the world's greatest engineering recruitment service be worth?

Panda: it's NaN!

From the TechCrunch article:

Co- founder Tom Preston-Warner said the round will go to developing GitHub Enterprise, a server side version of

“We are disrupting how software is written in the enterprise,” Warner said. He said he sees his competitors as IBM Rational software, Perforce and Clearcase.

That's going to cost $100 million to develop?!

No. Jolie O'Dell explains why they raised $100 million:

The infusion of cash will help GitHub accomplish a few of its loftier goals: total invasion and domination of the enterprise, flawless clients for all platforms and devices, and new features and products for para-development personnel such as technical writers and web designers. “Specifically, there’s a strategy called ‘GitHub Everywhere.’ We want everyone in software to be using GitHub,” said Preston-Werner, “individuals by themselves, small teams, students, as well as big, massive enterprises.”

Perhaps Github Everywhere should be renamed Money Everywhere...


How Singly uses GitHub for hiring:

As soon as you apply for a job or we otherwise become aware you’re out there, we create a new issue with your name on it. Résumés are easily uploaded to the repository’s file space, everything we know goes into the description, and as we court you, we leave scheduling notes, feedback and whatever else might be relevant.



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