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now this is a good way to tour san francisco

This is fantastic.

I didn't realize Ken Block is an X-Games medalist:

The 10-minute video, live at the DC Shoes Film YouTube site and presented above, is Block's latest translation of a growing motorsports discipline in which drivers negotiate complex, obstacle-filled courses with drifting, spins, reversals and other advanced driving skills.

I haven't seen the first four videos yet but now I have to.

cm-11523-04ffb53f47e14a.jpeg might be one of the only people on the interwebs not to have seen any of his other videos.

134,000,000 views for his other videos

I'm working on getting some soft costs from a source on renting out those sections of San Fran..

Should be pretty interesting..

I'm not sure what's more impressive....the stunts...or that he was able to get approval to do this in SF.

Mayor Ed Lee has a Pinterest account.

Nothing in San Francisco surprises me anymore.

About $200k it cost to rent those areas from what I hear

Had to chuckle when I saw a GoPro tumble off the car when Ken jumped off the barge at 3:37. Makes me miss my pro rally days.

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