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America's young workforce: fat, drunk, and stupid

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Up to 80% of American teenagers are unfit to serve in the military. Top three reasons: obesity, substance abuse, and insufficient education. Scary to think that this is the future.

There's an 80/20 rule that's sad to see.

Animal House: "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Seriously, those stats are horrifying.

But I have a solution: robotics.

A remote controlled robot army could supplant the need for troops that are fit, as long as the unfit troops can play video games well.

Although even I have to admit that robots are likely to be better controlled by people who are sober and smart.

In some ways we're already there.

Oh huh... so we we can HARNESS the infinite capacity of our pudgy stoner kids to play Call of Duty! Brilliant!

Doubly brilliant. Look how far we've come since Animal House.

The obvious solution is to take money out of education, so that children will learn to appreciate it and put more money into enforcing minor drug offenses committed by teenagers so they have a permanent caste signifier whenever they apply for jobs. I'm not quite sure how to tackle obesity, but the corn and HFCS industries seem to have some good ideas so I think we just adopt those.

I would ask which party will push those ideas, but I know the answer is both, so I'm good with staying home on election day.

Regarding education cuts, you should more to California. We're one step ahead of you, and shortening the school year.

The Armed Forces are also not taking anyone who has taken certain medications during their youth...and yes, the medications are the commonly "over-proscribed" behavior/anti-whatever ones you can name...

all this means is more youths will lie to their recruiter if they want to serve

That's unfortunate. No one should need to lie to serve.


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