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Elly Tran Ha is the Vietnamese Paris Hilton.

Elly Tran Ha Vietnam Imgur

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Elly Tran Ha Facebook page has 225,000 likes?!


She has been called Vietnam's Paris Hilton.

Featured in the Cue C video Ang Ganda Mo:

She's Paris Hilton in the sense that she's wealthy and she models.

Elly Tran Ha - Imgur

Elly Tran Ha hot tight sexy Imgur

You want more diversity? Here's the beautiful Elly Trans Ha. - Imgur

Gotta love those glasses... - Imgur

Elly Tran Ha hot legs hoodie Imgur

Elly Tran Ha white bikini barefoot hot boobs Imgur

Elly Tran Ha red bikini sexy Imgur

Elly Tran Ha Album:

And another:

And another:

Elly is popular on Reddit:

Someone wanted to know her name the other day. I decided to post this pic of her. Everyone, Elly Tran Ha - Imgur

Elly tran ha - Imgur

Elly Tran Ha hot you are the product Imgur

Elly Tran Ha boxing Imgur

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