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Venture-backed entrepreneurship is an education only other people’s money can buy :) I hope this has been a growth experience for everyone involved, no matter what the “outcome” — the founding team remains passionate, intelligent, and articulate guys in my book!

“We discovered that the sales/acquisition cycles around premium content to be somewhat inconsistent with our self-serve distribution model. Premium content creators still want deep human assistance in creating sales, marketing and multi-window distribution plans.”

After Louis C.K.'s huge payday, Norgard revamped Chill to be a distribution platform where creators could not only engage their fans but also make money doing it. (Chill takes a 30% cut, with all other revenue going straight to creators.) Bamford was one of the first acts to come aboard. Ever since, "we've been sprinting," says Norgard.

But for most artists--those without a ready fan base--these sites still offer more potential than payoff. "I think there's Louis C.K. and there's everybody else," says Dermot McCormack, EVP of digital media for MTV Music & Logo Group. "And what about the everybody else?" 

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It sounds like, from the Om article, that Chill the company will continue, but pivot to a different product.

Did I read that correctly?

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