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Where do we turn to, to find out what we care about in the world?

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From the Inside Facebook interview with Josh Elman:

Where do we turn to as humans to find out what we care about in the world? In the past it was maybe newspapers, TV, radio. Now it’s mobile, iPads, computers, TV — we’re turning to all these different screens. But we really want an emotional connection to people we care about, to be more informed, and to be more able to react to conversations that are important and interesting around us.

It seems to me that with more people saying more things than ever on Facebook, Twitter, Blog Comments, and Email, the challenge of finding the good stuff still exists.

I bolded three words in Josh's quote -- emotion, information, conversation -- as the keys to finding the good stuff.

Something that emotionally resonates and informs leads to deeper engagement -- conversations -- that in turn lead to better curation of what deserves our attention.

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