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Recipe Review: The Cook's Illustrated Vodka Pie Crust

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The big thing to remember about this pie crust is that it's actually only worth the trouble for DOUBLE-CRUST pies. You know how like an apple pie has that thick part where you crimp the two crusts together, and no matter how hard you try it will never be really tender? It is with this recipe. For single-crust pies, a normal butter crust is yummier and easier to work with.

Oh, also: rolling it out on a Silpat pad or between sheets of plastic wrap or wax paper is legit the only way to do it. No amount of flour or chilling is going to help you when you have to move a thin sheet of dough which has had the gluten development suppressed.

Here are my three big secrets to great apple pie:

1. Vodka crust

2. A variety of apples:

3. Let the fruit macerate in sugar and spices and lemon until quite a bit of apple juice comes out... and then THROW THE JUICE AWAY before you add the cornstarch or other thickener. It's hard to make yourself do it, because it seems like a horrible waste (although it's incredible in a cocktail, hint hint!)... but if you don't do this, your pies will always be soggy.

Internet readers: Listen to Joyce! Nobody wants soggy pies.

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