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The Truth About ISON: What Happened to the Comet Over Thanksgiving?

The Truth About ISON What Happened to the Comet Over Thanksgiving Wired Science


“Never one to follow convention, ISON lived a dynamic and unpredictable life, alternating between periods of quiet reflection and violent outburst. However, its toughened exterior belied a complex and delicate inner working that only now we are just beginning to understand. In late 2013, Comet ISON demonstrated not only its true beauty but a surprising turn of speed as it reached its career defining moment in the inner solar system. Tragically, on November 28, 2013, ISON’s tenacious ambition outweighed its ability, and our shining green candle in the solar wind began to burn out.”

The remaining fragments from ISON will likely fade in brightness as they leave the sun. Amateur astronomers may still capture these leftovers in their telescopes but the chances of a once-in-a-lifetime sky show are pretty much gone. Researchers managed to get tons of great data about ISON’s life, which will likely feed studies for many years.

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