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Jumping fans register a magnitude 1 or 2 quake during Seahawks game

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OK this is a serious question: how is it OK with the NFL for fans to be so loud and rowdy they CAUSE AN EARTHQUAKE?!??! Especially when there have been numerous occasions in the past year of fans falling out of the stands and suffering life-threatening injuries? Someone needs to make the Twelfth Man take a chill pill.

Why hasn't the NFL outlawed the twelfth man?

It really seems like Seattle has an unfair home advantage.


Isn't that a Yeti?  Isn't Seattle Big Foot Country?

I thought Alaska was Big Foot country.

Apparently the green gorilla is a personification of BEASTMODE:

Oh.  Like The Hulk.  But not.

Right! Like the Hulk. But not. 

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