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Can of Chef Boyardee being consumed by lava gif


Thank you StickleyMan for making this gif.

Chef Boyardee consumed by lava gif Fire Foodhacks Awesomesauce Imgur

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Pasta la vista, baby!

Redditor thndrchild explains:

The metal would conduct away some of the heat, allowing the paper to survive for longer.

Try this, impress your friends: Bet your friend a $100 bill that you can hold a flame to it without burning it. When they accept, wrap the bill around a bottle of water or section of copper pipe TIGHTLY, then hold the flame to the bill. It won't ignite. Punch your friend when he refuses to pay up.


Don't take the dollar bet. For reasons not related to Boyardee paper labels. Independent of that, awesome lava video!

I agree with all of what you just said.

This gif helped me find this subreddit:

And also this subreddit:

And this subreddit:


terminator 2 thumbs up gif molten iron lava Imgur

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