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In a "Rainbow" Universe Time May Have No Beginning: Scientific American

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Rainbow gravity was first proposed 10 years ago as a possible step toward repairing the rifts between the theories of generalrelativity (covering the very big) and quantum mechanics (concerning the realm of the very small). The idea is not a complete theory for describing quantum effects on gravity, and is not widely accepted. Nevertheless, physicists have now applied the concept to the question of how the universe began, and found that if rainbow gravity is correct, spacetime may have a drastically different origin story than the widely accepted picture of the big bang.

Whoa. Mind blown.

Very cool.

This cosmological view now actually squares the circle with many esoteric disciplines, which propose cultivating transcendent awareness and emergent experiences on their defined paths.  Adepts report having traveled through different universal dimensions of light and sound, each dimension manifesting at their own frequency, like journeying across a rainbow of dimensions.  Even human chakras (physically our endocrine organs) are also adjudged as similarly vibrating to universal constants representative of dimension frequencies, where each chakra is associated with a different universal rainbow color of awareness.

I presume that even in the most base, physical dimensions of experience we can see examples of the truth of relative locality and how our own points of view and direct experience is often tied to our specific physical location / our focus of awareness.  Even though many paths of religious and esoteric embarkation appear divergent at the relative local level of experience, they also have practitioners that report convergent progress of common experiences across light and sound.  Rainbow journeys perhaps.

I don't know what these experiences and shared points of progress of human awareness through such rainbow frequencies means, just that it appears to be commonly reported and accessible from many cultural viewpoints and civilization periods wherever esoteric systems have adept practitioners journeying on their path.

It's always amused me how remarkably same-same the multiverse reveals itself: as above, so below. Or something like that...

I'm still trying to parse this: The multiverse reveals itself as above?

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