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Why Disney keeps buying all your favorite childhood icons

Why Disney keeps buying all your favorite childhood icons Quartz


Disney, which has spent the last decade stockpiling many of the world’s most beloved franchises. First, Disney spentmore than $100 million to purchase the Muppets in 2004. Two years later, the company shelled out $7.4 billion for Pixar, home of Toy StoryMonsters Inc., andCars. Marvel Entertainment came next (in 2009, for $4 billion) and then in October 2012, Disney snapped up George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm—and all rights to a little franchise called Star Wars—for $4.06 billion.


Disney’s decades of cultivating its own franchises–via movies, TV shows, its theme parks and of course, incessant merchandising–has given it a viable blueprint as it seeks to make the most of its new purchases.

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Yes but soon Disney will own EVERY franchise we care about.

Now they own Indiana Jones...

...can Harry Potter be far off?

What else will Disney buy?

Barbie? Transformers? My Little Pony? Care Bears? Spongebob? Pokemon? 

Nancy Drew? E.T.? Hanna Barbera? Looney Tunes? Nintendo? Dreamworks?

Iron Giant? Princess Bride? Star Trek? DC Comics? Wonka? Wizard of Oz? Tolkien? 

Why compete when you can own the market?

That is an excellent point, Mark. The only question is who Disney will buy next.

Excellent point, Mark. 

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