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PTSD and Private Contractors

New groundbreaking report that effectively used online survey to reach a difficult to reach population

Privatization of war does not change the costs to humanity. 

Out of the Shadows: The Health and Well-Being of Private Contractors Working in Conflict Environments |



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There are things humans were not meant to go through.

The scale is unbelievable.  The Americans get to come home and there is not much help but they are safe in the present if not in their minds. 

What about the native populations that do not get to leave or end in refuge camps in semi hostile neighboring countries?

Again these victims are your friends, family and neighbors. 

Yesterday, I gave away a couch on craigslist.  The guy that came was clearly ex military and had head injury.  (After treating as many TBI as I have I can spot it in a second)   He told me his roof leaked and ruined all his furniture and landlord won't help.  If you pay attention you will see war everyday. 

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