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Eric Schmidt: Google Self-Driving Cars Should Become The Predominant Mode Of Transport In Our Lifetime | TechCrunch

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Hey! I like driving cars... They're well engineered machines and are fun to drive. Shouldn't we rather invest in trains?

What do you think?

I would LOVE to have a car that drives me around.

I'd prefer to get other things done while I'm being driven from place to place.

I want my google car now. More importantly, I want everyone else to have it too!

A friend on facebook says "I reserve my human right to crash" And I just like driving...


The key phrase here is "within our lifetime" not "soon". People love their cars and love driving them.

There will need to be an intermediate step where the car monitors and assumes control in the event of an impending collision.

Once that technology is firmly embedded, then states can start relaxing speeding laws for cars with auto-pilot. After all, the car will slow itself down if in danger of crashing.

Now your car can drive you wherever at whatever speed is feasible. The autobahn on every street.

Totally. Driving is fun. We should focus on something like a good bus transportation or self-driving taxi network!

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