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Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern: Top 10 Food Trends of 2013

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- "the Cronutization of America is a social construct built around wanting something you can’t have."- "This is the year, finally, that Pinoy foods have their day in the sun."- "the Kickstarter Braddock project, which will house a restaurant, a job-training facility and a farm in a former Chevy dealership. "- " investing in people is a smart trend that creates a more vibrant economy. It’s the type of big thinking that launched an upwardly mobile U.S. middle class and grew our country into a superpower. We should get back to that. "- "Plant-based eggs require very little energy to produce, cost less, present no health hazards like chicken eggs, are shelf stable and offer superior nutrition. Mark my words, HCF founder Josh Tetrick will win a Nobel Prize one day. "

Cronuts bad but Sriracha good!

why bad!  i've never had one....

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