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Peter Diamandis: An X PRIZE for Jobs: Can We Radically Reinvent How We Create, Finance and Find Jobs in America?

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ideas, anyone?

This is a great idea, Fred.

Also, have you seen Samasource?

It looks like it's a step in that direction...

The use of prizes is how we got modern pulleys, mechanical clocks, and other vital bits of technology, and in the early republic it was how the US got the fabric loom, interchangeable parts for gunsmithing and couple other secret British patents.

They invigorate the spirit of competition and don't cost a damn thing until the criteria are met.

Prizes work, and we should be using them far more frequently.

So we agree that such a system can provide incentives.

Meanwhile, there are all kinds of experiments going on to allow people to create jobs, from Kickstarter to Etsy.

As far as I'm concerned, incentivizing people to create jobs is priority #1.

Not just for America, but for all 7 billion people in the world.

I still think an X Prize for Jobs is a great idea.

How to we make it so?

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