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What Do Your Favorite Websites Say About Your Politics?

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So THAT'S who is playing all that Farmville!

I love that Angry Birds, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, WordPress, and Gmail are smack in the middle.

Twitter skews right? I think not. Bunch of pinko commies on that service.

Reddit skews left? Can we trade them to the other team for some first-round draft picks next year...

Not buying it.

What are you not buying, Briana?

What I see here is on the obama side of the graph a bunch of social community sites, and on the romney side, a bunch of ecommerce sites, inferring that republicans don't do social and democrats don't do ecommerce... bleh

Zappos is on the left. So when dem's do ecommerce, dem's do it with style... :)

So if you purchase anything online (Amazon, Zillow, PayPal, Ebay) except for shoes or handcrafts (Zappos, Etsy) you'll vote Romney?

I'll buy the idea that lefty, commie, pinko hippies shop on Etsy, but they're not famous for buying a lot of shoes. One pair of Birkenstocks lasts you a long time.

The skew I see in the data is "Like" vs "use". I use PayPal reasonably often, but it would never occur to me to "like" them on Facebook. That makes as much sense as having a favorite brand of credit card stripe reader and choosing your supermarket based on it.

That's brilliant, Luke!

Democrats are likers, Republicans are users.

It's got a nice ring to it. :)

I find it highly ironic that PayPal and eBay sit in the upper right corner. As I've written in the past, the PayPal mafia is largely politically conservative; Peter Thiel, David Sacks, and Keith Rabois were all key members of The Stanford Review, the conservative student newspaper Thiel founded back in the early 90s.

So Romney could energize some of his less-engaged base by pledging to replace farm subsidies with FarmVille subsidies.

(I'm only mostly joking. Paying people not to play FarmVille et al could be a boon to the national economy.)

Does anyone actually still use FarmVille?

I'm fairly certain that FarmVille is dying.

When I'm running things, my voter ID scheme will require all prospective voters to prove that they have not played Farmville in the last 30 days. I believe a simple urine, hair or IQ test can detect it.

If a person cannot tell the difference between simple urine, hair or IQ, s/he might be a FarmVille player. :)


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