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Time for the lizard segment of the newscast

Stashed in: Reptiles!, Texas, Animals, Snake, Newscast, Lizard

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Hence the phrase "leapin lizards".

jumping lizard gif

You might want to put "Jumping Lizard" in the title so we can find this page again.

It's all about making titles that help us search.

Is there a way to search for stash keywords, rather than title?  So I could search "lizard", and find all the stashes with the word lizard in them?

Not yet. Someday. For now, putting keywords in titles is the main thing that works. 

Which is why I sometimes have awkward sounding titles. 

Note you can change your titles anytime by clicking on them. 

I regularly improve titles for searchability, you might notice. 

Changed, and the title is funnier than ever lol

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