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This algorithm can tell if you’re a hipster so the internet can sell you a plaid shirt

This algorithm can tell if you re a hipster so the internet can sell you a plaid shirt Quartz


Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, are developing an algorithm that aims to identify whether you’re a hipster, a goth or a punk, just from the cut of your social media jib.


The team has been analysing pictures of groups of people in an attempt to place them within one of eight sub-cultures according to their appearance. These included hipsters, goths, surfers and bikers.


By looking out for trendy haircuts, telltale tattoos and jewelry, the algorithm is being trained to make assumptions about you based for example on your social media pictures.


Websites can then offer you a more tailored experience. A surfer might be given recommendations about holidays and a punk updated on gigs for their favourite band. And what better way for a hipster to make sure they stay ahead of the curve than to be updated on the very latest in organic, fairtrade coffee products, as and when they come on the market?

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If the algorithm determines I'm not a hipster, will they leave me alone?

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