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"This Article Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Then Resent Me"

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Astoundingly well done:

This Event in 2006 Made Headlines Matter More Than Ever

(See what I did there. I created a curiosity gap. Now you want to know what the event is don’tcha? Eh? Eh? I’ll preempt my tangent, but check out UpWorthIt if you want to see how easy creating click-bait truly is.)

If you want to continue thinking about this kind of stuff, I highly suggest you take 20 minutes to watch this -- it’s a super-interesting TED-style talk about psychology, technology, and advertising:

If you want to laugh a little at the lack of meaning in some of our headlines, read this tumblr on Buzzfeed without the GIFs, or this, or this.

If you want a cry a little, watch this poignant short film about our addiction to our phones:

The little girl on the swing got to me more than all the narcissistic selfies.

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