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“Help, My Eyeball is Bigger than My Wrist!”: Gender Dimorphism in Frozen » Sociological Images

Help My Eyeball is Bigger than My Wrist Gender Dimorphism in Frozen Sociological Images


Giant eyes and tiny hands symbolize femininity in Disneyland.

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Perhaps that ratio is the essence of cute -- not just women but children and animals seem to be drawn that way too. 

Good point!  As is this:

jason • 17 hours ago

I think it cuts both ways. Men are usually infinitely more muscular and fit with extreme jawlines so far removed from reality. That's what makes cartoons what they are. If you take away these exaggerated features you might as well watch live action.

I think what's really crucial here is a story that supports gender equality.

Yeah, nope.  I keep thinking about this.  Cute = lovable.  Girls have impossible physical standards to live up to and Disney is not helping.   

That has not changed in the history of Disney: 

Snow White was in the 1930s and Cinderella was in the 1950s.

Disney was not helping AND they are not helping now.

lilo and stitch was different!



The one exception to the rule is the one pair of non-princesses. Coincidence?

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