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I wanna be a unicorn. ~Ariana Grande

ariana grande I wanna be a unicorn gif tumblr weheartit Imgur

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I believe Ariana's tee shirt says "I HEART NERDS".

I wanna be a unicorn meme Ariana Grande tumblr weheartit Imgur

I wonder why she wants to be a unicorn.

i wanna be a unicorn gif Ariana Grande Tumblr We Heart It

Ariana Grande peace V gif blow kiss Tumblr We Heart It

Who wouldn't want to be a sentient super horse that poops rainbow ice cream and sprinkles, cries glitter, and other awesome things?  if you have ever seen the real Gulliver's travels movie, there is a race of unicorns there who speak to Gulliver and they have no war or money just live on this island and enjoy life.  I'd like that.  they have diamonds the size of a fist but no reason to want for them.

How do they defend against invading species who want diamonds... And unicorns?

unicorn island

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