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Washing and drying a ferret

washing ferret gif bath bathing tumblr imgur

soapy ferret gif tumblr Imgur

   spinning ferret gif tumblr Imgur


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At first I was thinking "spinning ferret?!" but now I realize they're air drying it.

spinning ferret gif

that one you posted looks like a red panda!  cutest ferret ever!

Yeah, it's challenging to find a ferret that doesn't look like a weasel.

ferret gif

and doesn't smell like pee!

Yeah, why can't they urinate without getting it all over themselves?

Or is that how they avoid getting eaten in the wild?

cute ferret gif

i think stinking as a defense mechanism is a good thought.  sure works for the skunks!  and i imagine ferrets would have a lot more predators if they weren't so stinky!

Apparently it's the bedding and litter boxes that stink, not the ferrets:

If you don’t wash his bedding often, if you don’t clean out the poop from the litter box daily, if you don’t change the litter at least once a week, if you don’t feed your pet the right mixture of food and if you do bathe him regularly, your ferret’s home, and in turn your own, will reek.

any home i've ever known to have a ferret has reeked!  it's awful.

sounds like ferrets are a lot of work.

They're a lot of work, but opinion among ferret owners is that they're worth it:

I always tell people that my ferrets don't smell, and until they come into my home, they do not believe me. It aggravates me to no end! I have my ferrets in a multi-level wire cage with a tray that pulls out underneath the 1st level and I do not use any kind of bedding. I have it set up in a way that makes my ferrets very happy and keeps them healthy too. The bottom level is where they eat and so their little feet do not get caught in the wire floor I use placemats to cover the floor (the placemats have a rubber back, are easily washed daily, catch food, and protects their feet). There is a corner litter box on each level as well. Levels two and three are where they play and sleep, I use carpet pieces to line those floors (which are vacuumed weekly) and I have several hammocks, hanging beds, and other ferret housing items that they love to sleep or just hang out in. As long as the fabric items are washed at least bi-weekly, I have no odor!

that guy loves ferrets!!

but, still, they sound like a lot of work.

Almost as much work as cats and dogs, but with much less payoff.

Ferrets just don't have as much personality.

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