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2012 is year of the undead / slayer.

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Yes, I found the geek zodiac on Google+.

I was born in the year of the astronaut:

Merits: Bold, Team-Oriented, Precise

Demerits: Untethered, Distant, Controlling

Fun to read why they picked each symbol....

this rocks. just made my day. i was born in the year of the astronaut. would be fun to gather some metrics on entrepreneurs and see which geek signs they tend to fall under ;O)

Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born in 1955.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about birth years in the first chapter of Outliers. :)

i think malcom gladwell and i could be friends. i love the questions he asks.

Me too.

Too bad he doesn't believe in Facebook:

I actually agree with him. the notion that Facebook started the Arab spring - and all of the hype they got & credit they took for it - really made me angry because the tipping point for the Arab spring was the price increase on 25 pound bags of rice. Middle class people in Egypt & other countries were having trouble feeding their families. With the attention - at least in this country - going to Facebook it took attention off of a much more serious issue - the balance required for survival.

I am fairly certain those people in Tarir Square are still unable to buy the rice they need. Where is Facebook now? I don't expect Facebook to assume responsibility for people in tight spots. I just wish they wouldn't take credit for revolutions in the real world.

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