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Fear of a Black Santa ... in Chocolate!

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S#&t just got real for Megyn Kelly.

"Award-winning Pastry Chef Mahesh Weerasinghe stands with his hand-sculptured, chocolate art at the Hilton Americas, Monday, Dec. 16, 2013, in downtown Houston. Chef Mahesh, along with the culinary and property operations teams, created a 1,000-pound Santa in his chair, accompanied by his elves and a wagon full of toys, all made from dark chocolate. 

1000 pounds of chocolate. That's 2.3 million calories, since:

Candies, sweet chocolate 1 oz (28.4 g) 143.4 calories

1 oz 143.4 x 16 oz/pound = 2295 cal per pound

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, or 17,500 in 5 pounds of fat. You would have to eat 7.6 pounds of chocolate to gain 5 pounds. The remaining 2.6 pounds would pass through as waste.

Source of that analysis:

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