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A Tale of Two Cities inspired the new movie The Dark Knight Rises ...

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1. Like Charles Dickens' 1859 work, the characters come together in one unified story with an emotional, dramatic tone.

2. Pain is the "guiding theme" of this Batman movie.

3. The movie is also about the consequences of actions in the first two movies.

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Also, I was thinking that there have been very few great third movies in a trilogy.

There was Return of the King. That was awesome.

There was Toy Story 3. That was awesome, too.

But I couldn't think of any other great third movies.

Most third movies are either okay, mediocre, or awful.

This will be awesome.

I hope my expectations aren't so high that I can only be disappointed.

Negative discomfirmed expectations.

Makes sense. I've already seen a copy of Dark Knight Rises on the Internet:

A trilogy of villains: