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Why I Love Wantpreneurs, by Cyan Banister | Women 2.0

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 "I get so many business cards where people are the CEO of whatever idea. These people aren't CEOs! These people aren't founders?! These people are jokers!"

Then there is an awkward pause, because that person usually is looking for my approval for their ludicrous statements. Surely, a professional angel investor like myself must be seeing all of these cards and must share their disdain for these wannabe entrepreneurs. I like to let the negativity hang in the air like a dank wet rag and I like them to feel their own discomfort for a while before responding."

Here's the gist of Cyan Banister's belief:

We live in an era -- a wonderful era -- where anyone can be an entrepreneur, and I truly believe that everyone, at some stage in their life, should try it. If someone fancies themselves an entrepreneur, I'm their biggest cheerleader. If they are the CEO, even better. Anything that teaches people to respect and love businesses and capitalism is a benefit to the world. I can find no higher calling in life other than parenthood that is as valuable. Creating value in the world that people want and a strong desire to create jobs, well, what's wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with that.

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