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Are Jessica Burciaga's Boobs Real?

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11:10 AM Jul 15 2012

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Jessica Burciaga just entered the #humblebrag hall of fame for this (unfiltered) Instagram tweet.

But the boobiliciousness of her funbags doth beg the question: are they real, or are we gazing upon a silicone valley?

Wow her plastic surgeon is awesome!

I'm not saying we can take models at their words on such things, but Jessica Burciaga has publicly stated (on Twitter) that her breasts are natural:

Exhibit A:

I wish there was a way to get my boobs bigger without any surgery, have scientist not invented a pill for this yet!?!?

Exhibit B:

The only reason I haven't gotten them yet is because I love being able to say I'm all natural 😜

Some lightweight online detective work has revealed some potential evidence that she is, in fact, packing silicone.

Are these pictures proof that Jessica Burciaga has had plastic surgery?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Exhibit D:


Update: August 23, 2012

Jessica Burciaga makes another claim that she's rocking 100% organic bazongas:

Yes! ☺ RT @MarilynPCD: Just read that @JessicaBurciaga's boobs are REAL ! Omg that's not fair 😣😲 #perfect

Source: Twitter

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