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DK baseball bat magic wand makes rabbit disappear gif

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Aha! The rabbit goes into the table... Unfortunately...

Rune Klan DK gif rabbit magic trick Danish comedian Imgur

Awesome sauce is DK the Danish Comedian:

Rune Klan in the video is speaking Danish.

quick transcript:


Now I want you to meet "Linus"

Linus is a rabbit which has... shat all over the place... WHAT?

eats crap

You know, when I did that in 'Skive'... no reactions whatsoever. "Meh, I just ate eight"

Linus here is a 'Dværg vædder' (literal translation: dwarf ram, rabbit race thing)... laughs ... well he is... who can back me up on this?

That's the spirit - BOOM - Danish rodent association is here. A lot of them here - right over there 16 of them in one place. Normally when I ask, there's just one single guy saying "I heard that in arts class" - "didn't you mean biology?" - "oh yeah"

But it is a 'vædder', or at least that's what I believe it is, which is mainly because - and here you have to back me up, danish rodent association - because rabbit crawls up his arm ... where do you want to go? easy now. Sit right here... and sleep imitates hypnotist WAKE UP ... and sleep...


And because it has hanging ears, that makes it a 'vædder', isn't that right? points at rabbit Google!

Because if it has straight-up ears, it's a rabbit/bunny, right?

Well, it CAN make a parody of a rabbit holds its ears straight

It can also make a parody of a half-rabbit/half-'vædder' holds one ear straight

But the best it can do is pretend to be a flying 'vædder' wagging both ears


What's going on here?

Is this normal? I'm looking at you, rodent association.

Is it supposed to do that?

Imagine if you couldn't see the rabbit, and all you saw was me pulling hair.

You're not allergic, are you? You are? oh crap


Oh, that's working perfectly - nicely done. That's Dariel Fitzsky (sp?)

rabbit tries to climb to his shoulder

Oh, Linus, what are you doing now?

snaps fingers, it tries to get free

Sit! Good boy.


I've borrowed Linus from a little girl called Astrid, and Astrid attends Solbakken Fritidsklub (a place for young people to spend time after school) in Ballerup.

It's really nice of her, and she takes care of this rabbit - Vædder, sorry - as if it were her own little kid. It's really cute. Every day, she runs over after school to give it fresh water and carrots, and she pets it, and she does it because she has no friends at all. Well, she is rather annoying.

But she has been nice enough to borrow us this rabbit, and the rabbit has to go into this box, and since you've now been introduced to Linus, I want you to meet Bjarne!

wacks the box

See, now we're getting somewhere. Now it's not just the ten of diamonds (referencing a card trick earlier) - now it's not just a card trick. Now it's a cute animal who had a life; it was cute and then WACKADA!


Ofcourse I didn't just wack Linus. Linus came from over here, and was placed over there, and then he vanished and then he teleportisized (sic) - if that's a verb - back to where he came from ... and became Ernas (wordplay with the non-american word for pineapple - ananas)


No, I do know what you're thinking. You're thinking "isn't the plate of that blue table a little thick? I bet Linus is completely fine below that tablecloth, which is also vibrating a little. I bet he's fine."

And yes, he's fine. He's down here, and wants to say hi ... damn...

Jan? I think we need some duct tape - that cardboard box is completely broken

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