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Teens hate Twitter.

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BI speculates that teens hate Twitter because "what they actually hate is news (they never read it online) and Twitter's best use is as a news-delivery service."

Twitter is about information. Facebook is about emotion.

Followers vs friends.

Retweet vs Like.

140 characters vs photos.

In light of this, not too shocking that teens don't gravitate to it.

Also, the fact that teens stay away from it makes it more appealing to the rest of us.

Kids aren't really on FB either... they _are_ but it's not where they're hanging out. Every teen & young 20something I'm seeing is all over their Tumblr curating and recurating content.

Jason, me too. Teens love Tumblr.

They also love iPhone apps where everything is private.

Why do we like Twitter more if teens stay off it? Makes it less noisy.

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