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Architect's Dream House: Less Than 200 Square Feet

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Built with her own hands for $11,000

Plus room for her Great Dane:

My house, honestly, it doesn't feel that tiny. The space is laid out in a way that I have a living room, I have a bedroom, I have a kitchen, I have a bathroom. They all function; none of them feels cramped. I mean, two people can cook in my kitchen at the same time. I actually also have a Great Dane that runs around in there. I designed it for him, though, too. I have stairs up to the bedroom. So, like, a lot of people that live in tiny houses have loft spaces, but I wanted him to be able to get up into the bed, and that's where he spends most of his time, honestly.

Apparently she re-married and had two babies... so now a family of four plus a gigantic dog all live in that tiny house.

Four folks living in 200 square feet?! Wow is she efficient!

Two of them are the size of watermelons so...

Okay, so two folks and two watermelons in 200 square feet. That's still incredible use of space.

Here is her website with designs, copious information (a LOT of it about her composting toilet!), and e-books:

Her website is so thorough and thoughtful. A pleasure to read. 

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