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9 CEOs reveal their favorite Interview Question...

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My favorite is "tell me about a time when you had a chance to do something meaningful."

But this one from Google's Laszlo Bock is also good:

Give me an example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem.

Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of people operations at Google, says the company ditched its famous brainteaser interview questions in recent years for behavioral ones.

"The interesting thing about the behavioral interview is that when you ask somebody to speak to their own experience, and you drill into that, you get two kinds of information," Bock tells The New York Times. "One is you get to see how they actually interacted in a real-world situation, and the valuable 'meta' information you get about the candidate is a sense of what they consider to be difficult."

By contrast, Tony from Zappos asks people to rate themselves on a weirdness scale.

Always select the person who wants the job, not the position:

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