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How Drug Cartels Are Like Amazon And Google | Co.Design


Billions of dollars in sales. Quick shipments. Ultra-efficient distribution chains. Carefully orchestrated PR. Drone delivery.

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And it's fascinating to think of drugs as just another product:

Canales points out that illegal drugs are a $60 billion market (wholesale) in the U.S., which is just about the yearly revenue of Microsoft. And everything the cartels do is part of “integrated strategy” to pursue this market--including a strong organizational structure, tempting incentives, and good brand management. Maybe this seems like your typical TEDTalk, oversimplifying massive world problems into a bite-sized business language that seems as simple to fix as a miscalculated spreadsheet. But I was taken by the presentation--by how well it explained methodology and motivation, with all the understandable progression into the immoral you might see in Breaking Bad

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