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The World of 100: Our Global Village | Brain Pickings

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20 posters for $700 is a little steep...

...but I would love a single poster with all 20. 

Interesting, some were as expected, some not.

What was not expected?

86% Literacy, I thought it would be lower.  Only 7% in the world have computers, I would have guessed more closer to 40%.  1% of the world has a college education, would have guessed more in the 10-20% range.  17% don't have clean/safe water to drink, I thought this would be lower, under 10%, maybe around 5-6%.  20% of people live in fear, would have liked to think it was around 10%, but now that I think about it, I guess there are a lot of not great places to be in the world :(  48% don't have the freedom to speak and act as they wish (this is high!)

I guess we are pretty lucky where we were born, based on the fact that everyone at this site is: on the internet, using some sort of device to get here, and is literate.

You're so right, Janill. We were lucky where we were born. And when.

I would have thought literacy would be lower too.

More people have computers now if you consider phones to be computers.

Amazing how many people don't have clean or safe water to drink.

And 20% live in fear -- I wonder if that number has gone up.

48% don't have freedom. Geez. You're right, we ARE lucky.

Love this. Going to use it when I go back to school--I'm doing a bit with a curriculum called, and this fits perfectly. Thanks:) 

You have a curriculum called ?! Cool.

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