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Kari Bryon R2D2 Dress gif

Are these the droids we are looking for?

Kari Bryon R2D2 dress gif Vine Imgur MythBusters hot tight miniskirt

Originally on Vine:

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R2D2 seems to think she is one of them.

MythBusters has a Star Wars show coming out in 2014, and filmed this for that.

Clearly she saw how popular R2D2 dresses are on the Internet:

Star Wars myths they are busting:

* Could Luke have safely swung across the chasm in the Death Star while carrying Princess Leia?

* Would the Ewoks' swinging-log trap have destroyed an Imperial walker?

* Would a Tauntaun carcass have kept Luke from freezing to death on the cold climate of Hoth?

Aired in January 2014. Look it up!

Kari Byron R2-D2 dress meme hot MythBusters Instagram Imgur

Compare with her 2011 interview:

Kari Byron - Imgur

Compare with Kari Byron in 2012:

imgur: the simple image sharer

Kari Byron, my favorite scientist - Imgur

Kari Byron - Imgur

And feeding french fries to Mike Rowe:

Mike Rowe recently posted this to his Facebook. With the caption "Sometimes, Kari Byron from MythBusters feeds me french fries. I don't mind." - Imgur

Also compare with the Kari Byron "butt mold" experiment season 1 episode 2:

But that was long ago in a galaxy far away.

So here, enjoy the Beer Goggles Myth instead:

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