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If you die on Game of Thrones, they give you a new show

66 New Movies And TV Shows To Be Really Excited About In 2014

Discovery is getting into the scripted world with its first miniseries. Klondike is set in the 1895 Gold Rush and based on the book Gold Diggers: Striking It Rich in the Klondike. Most important, look at Richard Madden (Robb Stark of Game of Thrones) in that picture! All recovered from the Red Wedding.

66 New Movies And TV Shows To Be Really Excited About In 2014

The Red Roadwas created by Aaron Guzikowski, the Prisoners screenwriter, and as with Rectify, it is six hour-long episodes. It’s a crime thriller about a cop (Martin Henderson), his wife (Julianne Nicholson), and a charismatic, scary guy from a local Native American tribe (Jason Momoa, pictured above, better known as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones). 


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Someday there's going to be a channel of shows featuring nothing but Game of Thrones actors.

The Game of Thrones Channel!

I saw a preview of Red Road the other day, and thought I recognized the Dothraki Chief.  Hard to surpass that role ;)

The Fresh/Dead Prince Oberyn of Dorne, Pedro Pascal, is winning big! 

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