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Shit imgurians say IV

I can't believe how many of you messaged me. My inbox hurts, but I love how awesome you are! Thank you

I'm now making my posts from selfies you posted to me. If you're not in this post you'll be in the next one. I also read all your replies, please be patient. I am going through your messages chronologically (got that shit organized yo)

I already mentioned that I saw something similar here few months ago. I finally found the link (thanks to cldizzle ):











xmissychrissyx prepare your inbox meme imgur

PS :You are asking me a lot if I'm male or female. Well I decided to drop subtle hints and clues from time to time in my posts. Hints will be almost unnoticable for average person so majority of you will probably fail.

Hint 1: I don't have a penis

PSS:To the person that messages me every day telling me that I'm a little fucktard. Well jokes on you, because I don't know what fucktard is. ha.

I'll just try and use it in the sentence:

My grandmother made some delicious fucktards yesterday.

How did I do? Did I use it correctly?


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xmissychrissyx, prepare your inbox.

Same woman?

So I decided to dye my hair green, I put it in a beehive and I am now one classy lady - Imgur

Here you go, a Dick! NSFW!


M'lady. You are beautiful


I have two things to say to you: 1)

RDJ lip bite gif imgur dnYfMhj.jpg

and 2)

Lilo Stitch hi gif imgur OLPyPQq.gif

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