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LOLtainment: Arrested Development = NewsRadio

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NewsRadio and Arrested Development are two of my all-time favorite comedies. It's only until recently I realized how similar they are. Not only do they have a similar brand of funny, but they also use the same archetypes. That's not to say that the straight man surrounded by a bunch of wackos is not a common comedy formula. In fact, another one of my favorites, Party Down, uses that same formula. I am in no way suggesting that any are unoriginal or copycats. They're all brilliant in their own way, and these archetypes work for a reason (Although the male to female ratio on all these shows is worth noting). So, without further blabbing, here are a breakdown of the archetypes on Arrested Development and NewsRadio:

Wow, makes me want to go back and watch some old NewRadio episodes.

Great find, Jared.

I had never heard of Party Down before. Have you seen it?

Yes. Lots of good comedic actors in it. 

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